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Treats-N-Treasures has been scooping up your favorite ice cream flavors in

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Ocean City NJ since 2003.  We have grown from just serving ice cream to adding Italian Water Ice, a variety of popular Candy and many Books - both new and used. We also have some added treasures scattered in the store.  As a family run business, we take pride in adding our own personal touch and love when families find just what they have been looking for!

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Located at 33rd & Asbury Ave we offer 33 delicious flavors!
  We have a great selection of Hershey Ice Cream. Our most popular Hershey Ice Cream flavors are Cotton Candy, Chocolate Moose Tracks , Peanut Butter Carmel Cookie Dough, Coconut Chocolate Almond, Green Mint Chip, Cappucinno Crunch and Birthday Cake.   Children who can not decide are tickled with Crazy Vanilla and its rainbow colors!   Treats-N-Treasures also has a variety of low fat and no added sugar ice cream flavors and yogurts. With 33 flavors, you are sure to find your personal favorite!

Treats-N-Treasures is the only store in the area that offers kid's cups and cones. We have rounded our prices to make it easy for young customers.  We have candy starting at 5 cents!  Going out for ice cream and candy in Ocean City should be a delicious treat that all can enjoy.

Please stop at 33rd & Asbury to check out our tasty corner store. 
Make Treats-N-Treasures Ice Cream a part of you vacation tradition!

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